Thursday, May 19, 2011

Best memories in HIGH SCHOOL

  DEFINITELY! The graduation week at my school in Hong Kong. Yah, i did graduated already in Hong Kong and I have the chance to experience the graduation here in Idaho,too:D There are a lot of differences between these two graduations, and I think that the graduation week at my school in Hong Kong is the best memories in high school that I have had.
   We took pictures with schoolmates in every moments and every seconds, we designed our own class t-shirt, make our own class accessories which can represent our class. Although those are really stressful days with a loads of public exams coming up after graduation, we still try not to think about it and have a good time on our last days of schools:)

A Year in IDAHO

     Idaho is a place which have a big difference between the place that I came from, which is Hong Kong. I did had a good time here and I made lots of friends. There are lots of things that makes me think it's worth to come here. But if  I need to choose one, I think I will choose the trip to Lionel Hampton with all the jazz choir and band member. We went there for four days learning about jazz music and stuff. This trip totally changed my mind, I learnt a lot on jazz music from the workshops that I went to and met Victor Wooten, the best bass player in the world! I also had a fun trip with my room-mates, hanging out in the hotel was the best part. It always makes me laugh when I think of all of the jazz choir members practice the songs around the "big" hot tub, that was so funny!! HAHA

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Show-and-Tell: PURIKURA:D

     When I found out that what I need to do for this week's topic, which is SHOW- and - TELL, I immediately think of these things — PURIKURA :D
    Purikura are some pictures which was token by a machine. We can draw pictures, write words and decorates it right after we took the photos. They are also a sticker, we can cut them up and stick it everywhere we want.
     Me and my friends will go to take purikura every time we hang out. Every time when I feel sad, depress or having homesick, I will start looking at these photos and think of the happy memories we had at that time. I will start feeling better after it and get over it. That's why these photos are really important to me.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Breakkkkkkkkk:D

    I was so lucky that I can go to California with my host mother for nine days in my spring break. I met a lot of new friends there and i went to lots of nice places too.
    I went to Universal Studio and did the tour. I finally found out that how people film a movie. Before, I thought that if a scene of movie is in New York, they must be filming in New York; but actually they were all just a set up in the Universal Studio in Hollywood. I was pretty surprised because it looks really real.
    I went to the beach in Oceansides too. It was a nice weather and lots of people were enjoying the sun on the beach. I never been to such a  warm weather since I came to Idaho. I love the sunshine, the blue sky, the sand and everything there!  
     The next day, I met my friend who live in LA and went to the China town together. We had our lunch in a Chinese restaurant. Finally, REAL Chinese food!!!! I just couldn't stop eating on that meal. I realized how much i miss Chinese food. Then, we got into the Chinese market and I brought a whole bunch of snacks. I felt really satisfied on that day and it is the best day of my spring break.
      I love California and i decided that i will live over there when I get old and retired. I can enjoy this nice weather in the end of my life.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


A tragedy happened this week :c
Japan's earthquake, tsunami and radiation leakage.
I freaked out that night after i saw the news. Even this earthquake will not affect Hong Kong but still, I couldn't sleep well that night because i felt so bad. A lot of scenes from the Sichuan earthquake in China few years ago came right into my mind and i don't want this kind of tragedy happen again. I contacted one of my friend who is an exchange student in Tokyo, I asked her if everything is okay. She said she is fine but still lots of aftershocks is happening and she can't sleep well with those shocks every night.
There was a rumor saying that California is going to have earthquake in these few days. I talked with my friend in Los Angles last night and she told me that she was packing her backpack and ready to leave, if the earthquake really happens. It sounds funny to me so i laughed. After that, I thought deeply, putting myself in to that situation. I think I will do the same thing too. I didn't experience any earthquake in my life and i hope that i never happen, I know that is impossible but still, this is what i hope.
And please pray for the people in Japan and all the ones who are suffering because of the natural disaster.

Friday, February 4, 2011

In these two weeks, I did a lot of new things that I haven't tried in my life. I went to bogus basin for tubing with my schoolmates and went to McCall the next day. They were really fun although both of these places are cold. I saw lots of sculptures in McCall and they are really pretty, I wonder how they can make them with snow. I also tried to walk on the lake which was iced, i felt kind of weird when I was walking on it.
I also applied my college for next year and got accepted in it. I felt so good. I was trying to find what exactly what I will be majoring next year in these two weeks too. And hope that I will make a good decision.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Aspects of my life:)

I am Hailey Chan, a student from Hong Kong and an exchange student studying in IDAHO. I am creating this blog for my English lesson.
I love listening to music singing it out. I use to go to the movie theater and karaoke to hang out with my friends. We will go shopping together if we have free time too.  I am planing to go to Canada for my college next year.  I want to be focus on counseling psychology for my future studies.